Christmas Tree Cupcakes

Tutorial by Sharon Frantz - blackbird cakes : : Photography by Kim Selby

you will need:

+ 6 Cupcakes

+ Buttercream Icing (Dyed Green)

+ 6 Mini Ice Cream Cones

+ Small Silver Cachous

+ Small Star Plunger Cutter

+ Gum Paste or Fondant

+ Silver Lustre Dust

+ Cake Decorators Alcohol

+ No 7 Star Nozzle

+ Piping Bag

1. Using a No.7 nozzle, half fill your piping bag with green buttercream icing. Pipe a ring of buttercream icing on top of each of the cupcakes, small enough to sit inside the outer edge of the cupcake and leaving a gap in the centre

2. Place each of the mini ice-cream cones upside down on the cupcakes, nestling the lip of the cone into the buttercream icing ring.

3. Start piping the Christmas tree leaves by squeezing a little icing onto the base of the cone, then pulling the icing bag backwards. Make a row of leaves around the entire base of the cone.

4. Continue as in Step Three the entire way up the cone, piping row by row. Finish off the top with three icing leaves.

5. Knead your gum paste or fondant and then roll to 5mm thick. Cut a star shape, and paint it with lustre dust mixed with decorators alcohol. Place stars on top of the tree and decorate with silver cachous.

Eat and enjoy!




FLOWERS – Arnie Way

TUTUS – Kylie

CAKES – Sharon Frantz

PROPS – Marnie Hawson and stylists own

FLOWER FAIRIES – Nicola, Grace and Emily

This article first appeared in issue 9 of tickle the imagination

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