Upcycled Cushion Cover

tutorial & photography by Helen from Blossom & Cat

I LOVE cushions! They are a really great way to give a room a fresh new look or a splash of colour.

This pattern is quick and easy and you can choose any medium weight fabric you like.

Pop down to your local op shop and see what treasure you can find or have a good rummage around at home... you can use old curtains, table linen, tea towels, clothing or use up some fabric you have left over from other projects.

You can mix your prints and patterns or keep it sweet and simple.

Anything goes...!

you will need:

+ Fabric for the front and back

+ Buttons and embroidery cotton for decoration

+ Cushion insert (45cm)

+ Scissors

+ Tape measure

+ Pins and needle

+ Cotton thread

+ Sewing machine

+ Iron

This pattern fits a 45cm square cushion insert

1. Cut the fabric for the front of your cushion: 47cm sq - this allows for a 1cm seam. Cut 2 pieces of fabric for the back of your cushion: 47 x 33cm

* If your fabric has a pattern ensure that the fabric is facing the same way.

2. Hem the back pieces. Take your first piece of fabric, with the wrong side facing, fold over one of the wide edges 1 cm and press to hold, fold again, press and pin. Repeat with the other piece of fabric.

3. Use your sewing machine and a matching thread to sew up the 2 hems. Remove the pins as you sew.

4. Lay the front of your cushion face up. Take the first of the back pieces and lay on top so the right sides of the fabric are touching. Carefully ine up all the unhemmed edges and pin into position.

5. Take the second of you back pieces and with the right side facing down, line up the remaining edges and pin in position. Jump back onto your sewing machine and sew all the way around your cushion.

6. Clip the corners, be careful not to cut into your stitches! Turn your cushion right side out and press.

7. As a lovely finishing touch you can sew some buttons onto the back.

8. pop in your insert and your cushion is ready to go!

Tutorial & photography by Helen from Blossom & Cat

This project first appeared in issue 8 of tickle the imagination


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